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    how do I publish my movie, I went to publish on flash but the html file it created causes my movie to be disporportionate. Can I create an html intro page and link it to my .swf file? How can I do this? What is the best way to link your intro page to your movie? Thanks for all your help.


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    goto publish settings, in here under the flash tab, you can set the size of the flash (proportions) swf file that it exports.

    Also bear in mind, that you can use percentages. this means that if youput 100% in width and height, then the flash movie will resize in any browser.

    the best way to link your intro page to the movie is to have an html link i would think, from theindex page of the site, to the flash page of the site... i assume you mean you want to give the clients an option of html or flash version of teh site.

    hope all that helped, if there are any more problems mail me at



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