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    Hey ! can anyone help me with this dragging problem?
    i wnat only one object to drag
    and when i insert the action to that object and preview it, the dragging would work fine, however if i creat another object with no action IN A DIFFERENT LAYER, and then preview it, then when i click on the object with the action, both objects would start to drag, when i only want one object to drag.
    and i tried converting the object with no action into a movie clip and it still doesnt work.
    i am thinking of deleting this because i cant get it right!!!!!
    please any advice would be good thank you

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    The object you want to drag has to be a movieclip with an instance name. Assign this action to a button:
    on (press) {
    startDrag ("_root.myMC", true);
    on (release) {
    stopDrag ();
    myMC is the instance name I have given my MC. If you want to drag the item you click just put the button inside the MC
    Hope this helps

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