I had a very simple question that I could not find the easy answer to (for a long time)(2 days). Here they are:

How do you preload in live motion?


Easy, start your movie with the preloader data. So your movie is 100 seconds long. Your preload animation is 10 seconds long and the entire composition is 110sec long.

Place the slider on 1sec and click the behaviors button, type the tags name in the label area, in this case we'll use "start" (without the quotes). Close the window by clicking OK.

Now move the slider to the 110sec mark (the end of your whole movie) and click behaviors again. Call it "end" and then press the OK button.

Now move the slider back to the 10sec mark and click behaviors again. Call this mark "Loader" and then click the ADD BEHAVIOR drop down menu, choosing the "Wait for Download" option. In the menu next door choose to LOOP "start" and UNTIL "end".

Your done. It will now loop your 1sec to 10 sec animation until 110sec is loaded, then continue when this happens.

You will have to upload it to test it properly since d/l'ing it from the hard drive of your computer will be instantaneous. You may also need a slow connection depending how long your movie is...