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    I have a movie, like a FlashTyper thing on the index (first page) of my site. When someone clicks a link, and then uses the "back" button on their browser, the movie plays again as if its the first time visiting the site. How do I make it so that when someone does this, the movie won't play again, it will just be at the last frame of the movie?

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    Hi sccr,

    Good Question, I think the answers are a little tricky.

    From thread:Browser style navigation (scripting and backend forum)

    You may need to divide up your swf into seperate movies clips. That alone, may serve to solve the problem.

    The info in the F4 Actionscript forum is more abundant. (Searching the forums for:"browser back and front button ")

    One thread makes use of saving via cookies. wanna do that?

    Good info here:How to catch Back Button event in Flash??? (or with Javascript)

    ...So far, the way I would go is the slice the movie into seperate movieclips and then (at worst) use a geturl in the last frame of the first part to load the second. (There are some tips in that last thread about getting that done smoothly).

    Here is one more:

    I hope this helps get you there.

    Yours truly,

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    The back button is the main reason why I pop a window without the browser controls to view flash content. Yes, you can alter the function of the back button using Java, but it is a pain in the patoot! Easier to pop a window without a back button and that way there is no confusion. Be sure to leave a fully functional window below it so if your user closes your window they still have a functional browser open. Check the tute links in my footer if you need help learning how to pop a window.

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