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Thread: recognised flash designers

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    As you may or may not have recognised, i am posting more and more frequently to the boardroom, in an attempt to learn not only more about flash, but also the ethos behind it.

    Todays topic revolves around becoming a well known flash designer.

    obviously there are some very well known flash designers, most of which do, or have posted on the flashkit boards.

    But the question to all of you out there, is how do you get recognised, how do you get to speak at flashforward etc....

    is it just a case of working hard, trying to get some big clients, is it award winning (macromedia site fo the day for example), is it a case of just designing good, usable sites...

    gentelmen, and ladies.. your thoughts please....



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    It is all about your work. So if you want recognition, then you have to design some award winning stuff and get it out there. Enter contests, get a killer site up, and be a presence in the community at large via forums like this one. Easier said than done for most...Fame is a fickle thing...

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    alrighty then...

    in that case... what awards are the "best"... which are worth entering, and do people take them seriously ?

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    to me, rewards are like grammys or oscars. they do not mean much, and at the most they mean a little bit to some people for a little while.

    your satisfaction might be more fulfilling if you have people who really matter give you props -- your clients, your clients' friends, people you've never met and your peers.

    do these people giving out "awards" know the process of how the project was completed? any barriers or struggles that you overcame? the goal of the project? the results of your work or what it means to the target audience? whether or not you completed it under budget and on schedule?

    probably not...

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