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Thread: load movie and tell target at the same time ?

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    Hello everybody
    I would like to make a load movie that replace the level 0 existing movie. I know how to do that but I don't know what to do in order to begin the new movie not at frame one but at a certain frame number which has a label.
    I there an easy way to do that ?

    thanks in advance


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    Hi and Welcome to FlashKit!

    Well, you could do this a couple of ways. If you are loading a movie over your base movie in Level 0, and you have other movies loaded into other levels, you can tell _Level0 to gotoandPlay a framelabel. If however, the base movie is all you have, then the gotoandPlay has to come from the movie itself - you could simply put a gotoandPlay in F1 of your loaded movie.

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