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Thread: Opening flash in Netscape...Please Help!

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    I am new to Flash and have just attempted to publish my first Flash file to my website. The file opens right up in Explorer but when I try to open it in Netscape nothing happens. Any ideas? You can attempt to view the file at http://www.bunl.com/flash.html

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    im not sure if netscape needs its own flash plugin or not..i think it does if youre on a Mac.

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    As a designer, all i can say is BOO NETSCAPE!! But then again, that's my opinion , anyway's on to your problem. I've seen a lot of posts here recently about netscape not loading flash very well. I have IE and I went and checked the site out and the flash worked pretty well. Try emailing macromedia about this, they might give you a straight out explanation. Or if there's a netscape version of the flash plug-in (www.netscape.com), go get it.

    hope i helped

    dj r-traXx

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