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Thread: Top of the next scene!!!!

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    If any one could help me I would greatly appreciate it, no foolin'!

    I have a 21 scene flash file that is almost 1000 px high. The SWF file is in a window that is only 300 pixels high (scrollable).
    I have links going from the main scene to all other scene with BACK buttons that return you to the main scene.

    Information on the first scene takes up all 1000 pixels high with the buttons going all the way to the bottom. However, the information on all the other scenes only takes up about 250 pixels so I placed all the artwork at the top of the scene. The problem is when I'm at the bottom of the first scene and I click to go to scene... (lets say 19) the scroll bar stays at the same level.

    So.... how do tell Flash 5 to go to the top of the next scene?
    To see what I'm talking about go to http://www.ctvnews.com then click on the Oscar Spotlight...then in the pop-up window go to interactive. I made a quick fix but I'm not happy not knowing the answer.

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    Hello from Austin, Texas.

    I'm not too sure that I understand completely your situation.

    Is the "300 pixel high" window an HTML window?

    Is the 1000px SWF in a 300 px HTML window?

    If you've solved this already, yaaay!

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