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Thread: Anyone know anything about seperate audio channels?

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    Arrow Flash 5 is playing favorites with my sounds!

    i have a frame action with a sound (not stream) attached on the root timeline of my file...before the first sound is finished playing a swf is loaded into the parent movie (not into the same movie clip).

    when the frame action is hit it dumps the sound that is already playing. if i remove the loadMovie action the sound continues to play.

    are there ways to target the seperate channels in flash (like Director). I checked for stopAllSounds actions and the like but am still strugglin' here...any ideas guys? thanks!

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    Bin Laden And Co.
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    Are you loading the swf into the same level as the swf with the sound playing..
    If you are then that will unloaD the sound swf and load the other swf causing the swf to stop playing any sounds..

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    nope...the sound is on the root timeline in a frame and the swf is loaded onto level 1. as soon as it is loaded the first sound stops. here's another thing...if i switch the order so that the sound plays after the movie is loaded, the sound never starts so it is giving precedence to the movie rather than the frame with the sound. grrrr.....

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    Bin Laden And Co.
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    May 2000
    Is the sound a start or event kind of sound??
    Try event..Start sounds stop playing once another is played..
    Or is it the otherway round..The second doesnt play unitl the first is finished..lol
    Try that

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