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Thread: IE vs NS display

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    I am new to Flash...
    Does anyone know why I would have different display in IE than in NS?

    I am having difficulty embedding my movies in to the html files. I need to know all the tags that are used and can't seem to find them.(how to embed in NS and IE + loop codes)

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    The netscape control tags are typically found in the <Embed tag> where as the MSIE control tags are typically listed in <Param tags> nested inside of the <Object Tag>.

    MSIE will display a SWF without the Object Tag as long as there is an embedd tag but some versions of IE without the security update will not play your Flash if you don't include the object tag. Netscape must have the embed tag or else it won't play in netscape at all.

    2 Features... Live Connect and Transparent Modes. If you are planning on doing any scripting with Flash for NS turn on Live Connect, if you are not planning on doing any scripting then leave it off. Why? If you turn on Live Connect then Netscape will start Java before playing your SWF which could take a second or 10. Also WMode will only work in IE.

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