MP3s and Warez are different. MP3 is music, music defines our culture. Music affects our lives in pretty much every single aspect there is, it affects our mood, our personalities, and we form favouritisms for forms of art. I think that pretty much every artist I download from on Napster is actually pro-napster. Why? I like music that's meaningful and was sung from the heart of the singer... not made up crap for money. Music is so meaningless when it wasn't made for the soul purpose of expression, but if it was made from expression, I'm positive that the artist would want everyone to hear their piece... Napster is the perfect tool for spreading that message. If people demand money for their music, they can have it... but most likely I don't want their music anyway.

So with that out of the way, warez is nothing like MP3s. Sure, MP3s are free and some people abuse it, but warez is 100% abuse. The programs don't really mold society in any way. You might be able to start a short-lived fad with a flash movie, but it's just that... it won't drastically change culture. I'm pretty sure no one will hear of Bad_CRC's All Your Base Video 20 years from now. Culture is changed by expression, not by fads. So banning warez and a ton of cheap warez flash newbies isn't going to change the course of history.