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Thread: -Projector Question: How do you link a few words from inside a text box to a URL?

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    Here's the scoop. I am developing a Flash movie to be used as a projector, not web page - if that makes any difference.

    I have a paragraph that I only want to link a few words (see example below).


    This is a sample paragraph. I would like to LINK THIS PHRASE to lauch a new browser window outside of my Flash movie.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! (Thanks in advance!)

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    You can either place a transparent button under these words or you can load the text as in an HTML format and then you'll have no problem linking words.


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    Problem Solved

    Ok, first of all, I had my publishing setting at "Flash 4" DUH!

    Next, in order to link only a few words in a static text box, I did the following:

    Select the text tool.
    Select "Text Options" window
    Select "Dynamic Text"
    Select "Multi Line"

    Type in your info

    Highlight the text you want to be linked to a URL
    Select "Character" window
    URL (type your URL here i.e. http://www.yoururl.com

    The only thing is, the text looks like the other text so you will have to either apply a different color, bold or italic (when text is highlighted) - or add an underline graphic or something. Hope I didn't miss anything.

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