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Thread: before: quality=low reload quality=high !?!?!?!

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    before: quality=low reload quality=high !?!?!?!

    Hi there
    Can someone helllllp me ? :-)

    Something very weird is happening to my flash movie.
    It must be the settings I am using when exporting
    the movie.
    When I publish the settings , I have quality set for HIGH.

    When I test the movie on my brower for the first time,
    the text comes up all weird. The quality is set for LOW
    If I refresh the browser, it changes to what it should be,
    quality = HIGH.

    How can this be ?!?!?!

    Please take a look.
    Note that this is just a test...the design is all funky and
    the links dont work :-)


    I am sure its something simple to fix ! I hope :-)

    paz always

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    when i opened the link above given by you it loaded in high quality the first time

    toggleHighQuality ();
    if your movie is exported in low quality...if you give the above code the movie will be exported in highquality...and vice versa

    try using this code in the first frame of your movie if your movie is exporting in low quality

    hope this would help


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