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Thread: back and forward flash tute probs

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    back and forward flash tute probs

    i'm trying 2 do the flash tute
    but am getting stuck cos i don't understand how 2 enter the code.
    in frame 1 i have to put:

    fscommand ("allowscale", "false");
    back = [];
    forward = [];

    and i don't know how to actually enter the line:
    back = [];
    what is back? is it a variable? do i use setvar? cos then i can't appear to add the square brackets. then in frame 10 i have to put:

    stop ();
    back.push( _currentFrame );

    and agin i don't know how to enter the second line. how do i put in back.push?
    do i type it and if so how do i get up the right bit to put it in??
    i know this is going to sounds very feeble. but all help is very very much appreciated!!!

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    sounds like you're trying to do it in normal mode? try using expert mode on the actions panel

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