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Thread: CHAT TALK!!!

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    found this on the internet, it will help those newbies whoa re always asking what lol means!

    The following abbreviations are commonly used on server lists and in chat rooms:

    AFAIK as far as I know
    AFK away from keyboard
    AKA Also Known As
    ASAP as soon as possible
    BBL be back later
    BBS be back soon
    BEG big evil grin
    BF boy friend
    BRB be right back
    BTW by the way
    BWL bursting with laughter
    C&G chuckle and grin
    CID crying in disgrace
    CNP continue in next post
    CSG chuckle snicker grin
    CYA see ya
    CYAL8R see ya later
    DLTBBB don't let the bed bugs bite
    EG evil grin
    EMSG email message
    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
    FUBAR F***ed Up Beyond All Repair
    FWIW For What It's Worth
    FYI for your information
    GF girl friend
    GFN gone for now
    GMBO giggling my butt off
    GMTA great minds think alike
    GTSY glad to see you
    H&K hug and kiss
    HAGN have a good night
    HAG1 have a good one
    HHIS hanging head in shame
    IC I see
    IYKWIM If You Know What I Mean
    IGP I gotta pee
    IMO in my opinion
    IMHO in my humble opinion
    IRL in real life
    IWALY I will always love you
    JK just kidding
    JMO just my opinion
    JTLYK just to let you know
    KIT keep in touch
    KMA kiss my a$$
    KMB kiss my butt
    KOTC kiss on the cheek
    KOTL kiss on the lips
    L8R later
    L8R G8R later gator
    LHM Lord help me
    LHU Lord help us
    LMAO laughing my a$$ off
    LMBO laughing my butt off
    LMHO laughing my head off
    LOL laughing out loud
    LSHMBB laughing so hard my belly is bouncing
    LSHMBH laughing so hard my belly hurts
    LTNS long time no see
    LTS laughing to self
    LUWAMH love you with all my heart
    LY love ya
    NETUA Nobody ever tells us anything
    NTA Non-Technical Acronym
    OBTW Oh, by the way
    OIC oh, I see
    OK abbreviation of oll korrect (all correct)
    OL old lady(wife, girlfriend)
    OM old man(husband, boyfriend)
    OTOH On The Other Hand
    OTTOMH off the top of my head
    PDS please don't shoot
    PM private message
    PMJI Pardon My Jumping In (Another way for PMFJI)
    PMFJI pardon me for jumping in
    PMP peed my pants
    POAHF put on a happy face
    POOF I have left the chat
    PS Post Script
    QSL reply
    QSO conversation
    QT cutie
    RE Hi Again (same as re's)
    ROFL rolling on floor laughing
    ROFLAPMP ...and peed my pants
    ROFLMAO ...my a$$ off
    ROFLMAOAY ......at you
    ROFLMAOWTIME .......with tears in my eyes
    ROFLUTS ...unable to speak
    ROTFL Roll on The Floor Laughing
    RTF Read The FAQ
    RTFM Read The F****** Manuald to:
    RTSM read the stupid manual
    SETE smiling ear to ear
    SHID slaps head in disgust
    SNAFU Situation Normal, All F***ed Up
    SO significant other
    SOHF Sense Of Humor Failure
    SPAM Stupid Persons' AdvertiseMent
    SWAK sealed with a kiss
    SWL screaming with laghter
    SYS see you soon
    TA thanks again
    TIA Thanks In Advance
    TOY thinking of you
    TPTB The Powers That Be
    TTFN ta ta for now
    TTYL talk to you later
    TX Thanx
    WB welcome back
    WRT With Respect To
    WTF What/Who The F***?
    WTH what/who the heck?
    WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
    YBS you'll be sorry
    YG young gentleman
    YL young lady
    YM young man
    YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
    YWIA You're welcome in advance
    *G* giggle or grin
    *H* hug
    *K* kiss
    *S* Sob
    *W* wink

    Some of those are realy stupid.....

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    I don't think you have to be a newbie to not know what the hell some of those are... how many times have you seen CID?


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    IALAIOK I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK


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    IA--I agree

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    Atlanta, GA
    who uses all those???

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    Originally posted by Skraut
    IALAIOK I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK

    I sleep all night and I work all day! I have that song too! ...did I type that out loud?

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    Originally posted by Skraut
    IALAIOK I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK
    Hey was that song from Monty Python ???

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    WI, USA
    most likely those who do not know what "lol" means are foreigners without much experience in English... but they are not necessarily newbies in design, therefore, do give respect

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