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Thread: Browser Shake !?

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    hey, im new on the board so dont try to diss me when this question´s allready been here, ´bout 28 times...
    I read the browser shake tutorial, and I dont understand it, if u ask me, its quite vague.
    How can I make an image, when u hover it, shake the browseR?
    like on http://www.tharow.com ?
    thanks, HELP would BE HIGHLY appreciated..

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    Bronzilla, you might want to refer to the thread "have you ever seen this?" Might clear up your question

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    here is your solution

    Hey punk guy! First of all let me tell you that my browser doesn't move half inch from where it is when I access that site you mentioned (no shaking at all!), anyway here's your solution.
    Solution 1: if you wanna do it so that the image you roll over is an image (gif, jpeg) then go to http://www.roxyweb.com and just grab the java code from the html source
    Solution 2: if you want the image you roll over to be a flash movie (swf) then email me at mwdesign@graphic-designer.com and I will send you the files.

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