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Thread: --------> Is it just me or does my website suck...help! <--------

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    i just started doing flash sites about a couple of months ago...i've come up with some rather "nice" ones...and some really stupid ones...i just can't get it looking right, or how i want it to be...there's always something wrong...

    check out http://www.htgk.com.sg/clanrodboyz it's the latest one i did...i donno...it feels weird...could u guys check it out and tell mi wat u think? i need your pro opinions.

    oh and the "old version" and "introduction" has lots of comic stuff...u know like the characters i created. i think it's kinda cool...

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    Smile It's cool dude

    I like the design, the music is ok
    Just a little point i don't like: the loading is too long and i am on a DSL....

    But this website is good, good job

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