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Thread: --------> Is it just me or does my website suck...help! <--------

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    i just started doing flash sites about a couple of months ago...i've come up with some rather "nice" ones...and some really stupid ones...i just can't get it looking right, or how i want it to be...there's always something wrong...

    check out http://www.htgk.com.sg/clanrodboyz it's the latest one i did...i donno...it feels weird...could u guys check it out and tell mi wat u think? i need your pro opinions.

    oh and the "old version" and "introduction" has lots of comic stuff...u know like the characters i created. i think it's kinda cool...

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    Dude, how many times are you going to post this?


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    site check... not every forum there is... site check..

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    there's the site check section...

    Yeah, there's a site check section, you'll get more response there. But since you wanted comments:

    1. Simple interface... nothing much going on.
    2. Is that all? The files section isn't up yet.
    3. Use the animating advantages of flash... you can have a moving zerg or shooting marine with the help of flash. Your interface is so simple, you can do it in HTML and it'll load faster!!! You can also add a more pulse-pounding track.
    4. That's it... now get back to the drawing board!!!

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    Another thing,

    Fix up your Hit states for your roll overs on your Members section, they are too wide, so even if you aren't highlighting text they still function, it's rather iritating, make the transition of it less jagged, you have the member buttons set to play the main image in your interface, have each button leave the main content on even when you roll out, and Stop when another button is rolled over.

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