"Will Web Designing Be A Profitable Business 5-10 Years From Now?"

Hi guys!Its been a while since you first talked about this topic, so,what is your opinion about it NOW?
Do you still see dark clouds?
I am asking it cos i was wondering...that now(97-2007 maybe) is the only time on the history of mankid when all the companyes and everyone need a website...i mean, in the eighties,for example, there was no market for "webdesigners", and maybe ten years in the future most of the companyes will not need somebody to build their site, cos they already have a site.Of course, there will always be new companyes, but i am talking about the market as a whole
What do you think now?Have you noticed some diference?Is the market for webdesigner going up?Or down?Or stable?
Thank you very much