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Also, lets not start with what you need more of. That fight will last forever. So, lets just say that you need both. Not more of one or the other....lmao.

Lou C. Fur
I just want to agree with Lou.

I recently did some work with iceberg2000, I did the programming, he already had most of the graphics up. I have to say that it was great being able to concentrate on the programming end, so I think that it is great for people to specialize, or just divide up the graphics and programming work on a project. But both are needed, and anyone that is doing web design or development should know something about the other.

I really agree with bobajobrob about some things regarding design too though. I am kind of split between science and design, (engineering major, but come from very artistic family, both sided). I remember back when I was high school age, back to private art class, we studied all the basic principles like color theory, comp, so on, over and over. I kind of miss that, and find that despite all the great designers there at FK, we practically never hear anything about it, even in advice to newbes.

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