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Thread: Unwanted Javascript window when opening fullscreen

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    Hi all...
    I'm calling a javascript function (from html)to open a fullscreen window. This works fine, but leaves me with a new window in addition to the fullscreen one. Oddly enough, it's title is the javascript function (javascript:{window.open("main.html","",fullscreen =yes")}. Why is this happening?? I've tried to close the window after it has been opened by using window.close and entering the above function in the window name parrameter - but it just wont go away!
    I'm a javascript novice, so it's probably something really stupid that i've done wrong.
    Please help!!

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    That particular problem could have any number of causes.. so I'm not really sure what to suggest. Could show me the code of the HTML document that contains the JavaScript function?

    Scott Richards

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