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Thread: A Stupid Question

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    This might sound stupid, but i drew a picture and i scanned it in. Is it possible I can take that image and some how import it to flash and color it in there? If so what program might I use and how would I do it. Any help would be great..have a happy easter all!

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    Not stupid, kingtutone.

    Go to Flash.. File -> Import.. and as long as you saved your pic as something common, like a jpg, you're fine.

    I recommend a FK tutorial here on tracing.

    Happy easter!

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    stupid question?! Nonsense! There is no such question as a stupid one if you want to learn! And you do.

    Oh btw...Welcome to Flash Kit!!!
    I Hope you enjoy your time here at the kit, and I hope you dostay.
    While your here, don't forget to check out all our wonderful stuff here at the kit; we have tutorials that teach you a load of stuff, but the most extensive thing here at the kit are the open source movies! They're kinda like tutorials, but you see them in action! We've also got a load of flash games that are way too cool to be true...but they are!
    Oh yeah, and we have this awesome board here! I love it...and I'm sure many of us do too!

    As for your question...I think the best way to do it would be to follow Lauradot's way. Import your image into Flash, then bitmap trace it, then colour it in using the paintbrush thingy-ma-bop.

    HOpe everything goes well!

    oh yeah, and Happy Easter!

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    Smile Thank you

    Thank you all so much..It worked. HAve a nice day! :P


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