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Thread: Windows Media and Flash

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    Anyone know why Macromedia and Windows Media have not teamed up to support Windows Media audio or video capabilities within Flash? Real and Quicktime are compatible, to some extent, so why not WMP?

    (please no "because Microsoft is the devil" replies. I'm interested in serious comments only.)


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    Microsoft is the devil! jk

    I can't give you an official answer, but I can give you my theory.

    Microsoft doesn't really cooperate with other businesses that much. They usually just beat them out or buy them out. This isn't bad, but it does make it hard for alliances.

    I have heard of some rumors about what Microsoft's next step for the web is to be. You know those little guys that help you out in Word (like the paper clip and Einstein)? If the rumor is true, Microsoft wants to bring that same technology to the internet. So, instead of making steps to team up with or work with Macromedia, this would be a step to combate Macromedia.

    These are just some thoughts, and not official truths. They are pretty interesting though.

    If you look at Microsoft's actions though, they are not out to team up with companies; they are out to dominate. That's why their source code is closed.


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