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Thread: my XML code breaks on OSX!!!!

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    does anyone else have this problem? it's like the code to parse the xml doesn't work and instead of my xml output, all i get is

    <p align="left"></p>

    which i didn't write anywhere, but i'm assuming that's just flash putting in the formatting in the text box... but still it's shouldn't show up, and my xml should...

    I pretty much just adapted the code from the flashkit tutorial, so i went back and checked the example on that same computer and it returned the same thing. I looked around to find other examples to see if i could find some code that worked, or at least figure out what was going on, but no luck, and i couldn't find any mention of flash 5 on mac not supporting xml.

    any advice?

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    sorry in that blank space in the above post there's supposed to be the code for p align="left"> /p> i forgot you can't type in html into these things.

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    Damn i feel like a fool......

    oops... forgot to check the version of flash i was veiwing it with... and i assumed if my swf was saved as flash 5 flash 4 wouldn't even TRY to play it... tee hee.... ugh... sorry to waste anyones time looking at my stupidity

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