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Thread: Change fps in movie clip?

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    Here goes... I have created a movie from the yugop menu tutorial on the site here.. works fine and I learned a lot, but here is the question:

    The movie clip, which is nested 2 deep, that scrolls the menu from side to side is moving a little choppy, as it is text, and not boxes like on yugop.com and the tutorial. So, to make it move smoothly, I either need to increase the frame rate for the entire movie (make it bigger), scale out the tween about 100% (make it bigger), OR change the frame rate for just that movie clip (making it less bigger). Is this possible? I am thinking no, but I know little... so I don't trust me. Any help?


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    I dont think you can change the fps rate on just the movie clip.


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    I would "scale out the tween" I have never been able to change the fps in a MovieClip any other way.

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