I am trying to control 3 different flash animations in an HTML based on the status of a HTML in another frame.

I have the JavaScript that sets my CurrentPage variable from the Source HTML into the Flash HTML

I created a Case statement that effects each of my three flash animations differently based on the variable:

//calling from the source
var strPageName = top.source[nCurrentPageIndex].text

//controlling the position of an image in Flash1.swf activated by Flash3.swf

function Flash1On() {
document.flash1.TGotoLabel ("/", "Start");

function Flash1Off() {
document.flash1.TGotoLabel ("/", "Stop");

//controlling the position of an image in Flash2.swf activated by Flash3.swf

function Flash2On() {
document.flash2.TGotoLabel ("/", "Start");

function Flash2Off() {
document.flash2.TGotoLabel ("/", "Stop");

//Case statement to load external flash movies into level 1 of Flash1.swf and FLash2.swf

function CurrentPage() {
switch(strPageName) {
case "Page 1": document.flash1.LoadMovie(1,"page1.swf") //load page1.swf into level 1 of flash1.swf with a stop action at frame 1, when flash1.swf is turned "on" level 1 goes to frame 2
case "Page 2": document.flash1.LoadMovie(1,"page2.swf") //same as 1
case "Page 3": document.flash1.LoadMovie(1,"page3.swf") //same as 1
case "Page 4": document.flash1.LoadMovie(1,"page4.swf") //same as 1
case "Page 5": document.flash1.LoadMovie(1,"page5a.swf"); //same as 1
document.flash2.LoadMovie(1,"page5b.swf"); //same as 1 except into flash 2 movie
document.flash3.TGotoFrame ("/flash2","2") //move to frame 2 indicating activity in Flash2.swf
case "Page 6": document.flash1.LoadMovie(1,"page6.swf") //same as 1


Have I coded this right?

If you need..I can send you the source files. . I need help ASAP.. Please respond.