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Thread: Loading bitmaps dynamically....

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    I've been tweeking with Dynamic Text and loading in html formatted pages. The only problem is the graphics don't turn out. The links work fine, yet the images don't appear. Would a solution be to make a generic variable called "image". Then do an onLoad event that calls the image...similar to calling the text?? Where I just update the backend picture labled "image.jpg" to correlate with the updated text....

    I hope that makes sense...so much more of a visual person...



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    Sorry to say, it's not that simple...Flash is not capable of pulling in bitmap images dynamically...but you can accomplish this in one of two ways:

    Check out Macromedia Generator, it will let you do this...

    Or, you can pre-process all of your bitmaps into SWF files, the do a loadMovie action to call them as needed...I believe there is a server-side utility that will automate this process, but I can't remember what it's called offhand...jpeg2swf or something...


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