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Thread: ??? focus problem ????

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    Hi pple...

    i m having a problem....

    i ve never really had the use for the start drag action so i m facing a problem...i think it might be something like focus (but for an mc) ...

    i ve got a button in an mc that is on the main timeline
    this button on rollover has this:

    on (rollOver) {
    startDrag ("_root.this", true);
    _root.number = "(02)&60491000 ";
    on (release) {
    stopDrag ();

    the "this" is the instance of the thing to be dragged...
    the "number" is a variable for something else...

    anyway once i ve rolled over if i want to roll out it doesnt stop the Drag...

    it s like the "this" takes the "focus" (it s on a layer above the bttn)

    what am i doing wrong????

    thanx a million

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    It's hard to say from your code what the case is, from what I see there's nothing wrong with your code.

    One possibilty is that the button is moved away from the cursor on startDrag. You could check that.
    One other thing is that if another button is placed in front of the one that's supposed to stop the dragAction you won't get the (release) mouseevent, but that's not very likely.

    This is probably not the solution to your problem but hopefully it can help you on your way.

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    it is not going to register the stopDrag() because you have it set to on(release)....
    if you have not pressed, then there is no release...
    try setting the startDrag mouseevent to on (press), and set the stopDrag event to on (release, releaseOutside) and see if you don't get better results...

    Hope that could help..

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