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Thread: It's a BOMB! hahaha this is funny!

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    Did yall hear about the guy that had just recently bought a new Titanium G4 Laptop, and was taking it on a trip with him, and he was going through the X-Ray machine at the airport, and then they couldnt see through the laptop due to its Titanium case? They had to take the laptop apart to be sure that it was not a bomb!!!! I would be seriously pissed! Now, of course, they will have to check EVERY Titanium G4 Laptop when people go on trips so that they can be sure there are no bombs in them! Thats gotta suck!

    Josh Dura

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    Allan Jardine
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    We all know that Steve wants to take over the world (good luck!), but to do it like this . . . ?

    It might be easier to put a nuke (or similar) on his own 'little' plane and crash land it in the city.

    Here to hoping that OS X will take over the world before he has to resort to such measures.

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    the full story. don't drink and fly!

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