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Thread: how much is my flash knowledge worth ?

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    Hi everybody,
    there is some talk going on, about web design prices. it confuses me though, when people talking about freelance rates start at $45 and going up to $130 and the next thing i read is complete sites being done for $1500 or $2000.
    how much time do you spend on doing sites. well i average on 100-150 hours for a midsize project, sometimes even more. that would be in the $10 000 and more league.
    so are you guys so much quicker, do you drop your hourely rate for a complete project, or do you not worry about quality. 'cause i know i can put "something" up there in a day......
    i'm also wondering, what are professional companies asking for? i.e. for a site like http://www.barneys.com (kioken) or http://www.campariusa.com (wddg)
    do they sell the design and the flash programming seperate?
    well i'm really curious to see where the differences are. quality wise and money wise. where does it start and how far does it go up to.

    flasher since '99 (flash3), yoken

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    I don't think you can have a set price for everyone. Each project is unique. Quality of work <i>should</i> be your first priorty!

    Negotiating with your client is the name of the game. Find out what their budget is and then negotiate what needs to be done etc. But even if you end up doing a basic 4 page html site, give the client the best you can. It'll only reflect well in your portfolio.

    As for how companies charge. Ours bases it on how complex the project is ... more if there is a database and email campaign, less if it's a basic site. Don't charge hourly, rather think of an overall price - keep an eye on the market to see how much other companies/individuals charge, and base it on that. (Reducing your price slightly)

    Even doing market research (ie. phoning agencies and just asking what they charge) could give you an indication.

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    Make sure you have some flex to your pricing when it comes to contracts.

    +/- 10% without needing the clients approval is a good start..sort of like the auto mechanics..

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    Post Designing from Egypt

    I think it depends on the project you're doing i mean the complexity of the project, i.e. if there is a web site of 5 pages and another one that is the same exactly BUT they differ from the content like if one of them contains a flash movie or anything that isn't normal design. would u price each of them the same? i don't think so.

    Also there is another factor that is the client's budget, for this you should first know what you want,
    if you want money so make your decision on this factor,
    if you want people to know you (Recommended)so you've to make your decision on the factor that makes you hold your customer by trying to decrease your profit and suite his/her budget.

    Another thing i want to spot light on it, here in EGYPT you can have a very good opportunity if you make something like co-working, because the rates here with equality of yours is unbeatable (i.e if you have got a project that costs you there $1000, here it will cost you in your currency $250) so i think it is very good to co-work with someone here. if u like it contact me.

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