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Thread: Yoda model needed

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    hi !

    i want to make yoda model(starwars cracter) can any body tell me how do i make one and which software will be best for it . or can i find a free yoda model on net - please post some urls if you know some.

    i want to then import it into flash and do some animation with it - how do i import a 3ds format in flash

    any idea's


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    Get a model from a game

    you could get a player model from Quake,Unreal, Half-Life. There're enough hardcore Players out there that one of them is bound to have come up with a model.

    Do a search through the model archives for Yoda.
    Then get a hold of Milkshape 3D, I'm not sure but I think that it can export as 3DS.
    You'll need Swift 3D to work with 3D Studio models and convert them to vectors.
    Good luck

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    yah, puchbear's reply has great sources for all models

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    I had a similar problem.

    When you get the model for Quake/Halflife/Unreal, they're usually in the format the games use.

    Fortunately, you can import most models into Milkshape 3D (www.milkshape3d.com). YOu might have to decompile it with Milkshape first, giving you 50 different smd or similar files. Most are for the poses, animations, but there's one file that will have the entire model.

    Then import this one perfekt model into Milkshape, import another file (the pose/motion) and export as 3ds.

    Then use Amorphium Pro or Swift (not the greatest for anything xept Text) to position / combine (model and weapon) and export to flash.


    This is what I created with my halflife Player and shotgun model: http://www.mores.cc/mfg_test

    (Even has a preloader, I'm so proud of myself

    good luck !

    PS: Show us what you're working on, upload somewhere !!

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