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Thread: The Return Of The Fly!

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    3-dimensional, bloody and with dynamic stereo sound!!!

    Do you remember that fly randomly flying around a heap of sh*t? Well, now it wants the cake!

    Just a try. :-)

    Have fun!!!



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    Hey Mr. Yobert!
    It is not nice to take someones work and to pretend it is your own!

    The original "FleshFly" was made by me!
    The open source files you can download at Flashkit are for learning purposes only.
    In my case you can use the actionscript code and do what you want with it, but not the artwork!

    Please remove the original "Fleshfly" swf from your server, or include the copyright notice on the page it is showing:

    THE FLY by M.Eichler post@neuemedienkunst.de, http://www.neuemedienkunst.de
    Bezier math taken from A. Müller´s "bezier" fla http://www.crew4.com/andreas

    Next time please ask before using.

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    Sorry, I didn't mean to pretend it to be my work. The link to the "original version" was meant as a regard of your work. But it is already changed now.

    [Edited by Yobert on 04-27-2001 at 05:42 AM]

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    Man, I don't think he meant any harm! why don't you chill. If you're gonna post something on the kit, especially something that's lamed out, dont flex when someone actually uses it!

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