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Thread: Preloader with image

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    Hey guys,

    Im trying to create a preload from two images. the shape of these images are the same but the colors differ. one is blak and the other has a chrome fill.

    now what do I want..

    based on the precentage i want to display pixels of the crome image over the other image. so that when it begins loading the black image is shown and when the loading is done the crome image is show.

    an example is at http://www.meltmedia.com

    Thanks a lot!


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    i can't give you the exact code but i can give you some pseudo code

    then make a movie clip that has a mask layer, masked layer, and a layer on the bottom
    put the bottom image in the bottom layer
    the top image in the masked layer in the exact same position as the bottom pic
    and then put a square that covers both pics in the mask layer
    make the movie clip 100 frames long
    do a motion tween that has the square start from the top and end up underneath the pics in the last frame

    in the first frame of the main movie
    do _root.loader.gotoAndStop(1);
    then in the second frame put

    set a variable called percentLoaded in the first frame of the movie
    percentLoaded = int(numberOfFramesLoaded/_totalFrames)*100;

    put in frame three gotoAndPlay(2); to loop the preloader
    then in frame four put _root.play();

    it was a bit more than pseudo code wasn't it
    hope it helps

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    Kewl, that pseudo code is yust what i needed.. Thanks a lot!!


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