hallo flashians, flashosaurus's and flashoids,
today i saw that i'm classified as the senior member of our community. almost unbelievable, all the things i learned here in such a short time(4 months). and more unbelievable, all the things i still need to learn. i just wanted to thank all the people who helped me becoming a real professional web designer within the shortest thinkable time. and i want to say that this community is something worth fighting for. i know this sounds like some sentimental-crap but i really mean it.
i'm publishing my homepage very soon and i want to invite all of you to participate. i already contacted some very representative people from music, design and 3d and we're already planing common projects. we all are members of the community, and that shows how effective it can be when you belong here.
i will ceep you in touch,
thanks for everything,
kan muftic