Hi All.

I am building a Flash navigation (nav.swf) and I wanted to load several different movies that fit above the top nav, based on mouse overs (on initial load it shows welcome.swf, if you mouse over topnav1, it shows nav1.swf, etc).

So I have about 40 px in nav.swf above the top nav to play with. No problem. So I made the to-be-loaded movie (welcome.swf) with the size 500 x 40.

If I F12 welcome.swf, it uses the borders of the stage to produce the effects I want (sliding in and out, etc.)

When I create a new MC (welcomeMC) in nav.swf to act as the holder for the action {loadmovie "welcome.swf", welcomeMC} it works fine, EXCEPT that welcome.swf is now shown in full size with no stage borders, so the slides show everything.

Do I have to do anything to welcomeMC to mask or constrain the size of the movie that I am loading?

I would have assumed that it would just load in a movie the size of which is already set.


Pete Stoermer
Total Hosting