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Thread: Anyone Looking For Ideas

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    You need something to stop ppl from getting annoyed waiting for the movie to load. A watched kettle never boils and if you feel you have to wait it makes it longer. But if you feel you dont HAVE to wait you dont want the time to end. It will make the time go quick. So I rekon introduce something' a little game that you need to do before the times UP. This is only an example, as I cant think of anything more interesting rite now. But you know those little nine square games where you have to slot the squares to move one square to the other side or unjumble the squares to make a picture. Or does any one know the red head match box tricks? that you need to figure out using matches? It needs to be something challenging to take the mind off the wait and convert it so that you want to try and figure it out before the time dead line comes. If you can take the mind of the wait for the web site to load then youve won the battle. If you organize it rite ppl wont even realize there waiting for a site to load up or even incorporate something like that?? in the web site further somewhere in the site whens other things need to load up??

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    Great idea

    But I'd say only for REALLY big movies. A lot of people have many windows open at once and surf other sites while waiting for a page to load.

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