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Thread: changin' the scrollbars

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    hey , i could find out if I really had the initiative but of course i dont. so , could anyone please supply me with the html that allows me to change the color of the scrollbars. i would greatly appreciate you saving me the time of sifting through html.

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    Just stick this in your <head>:

    scrollbar-face-color: ##FF0000;
    scrollbar-shadow-color: #990000;
    scrollbar-highlight-color: #CC0000;
    scrollbar-3dlight-color: #000000;
    scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #990000;
    scrollbar-track-color: #990000;
    scrollbar-arrow-color: #ffffff; }

    ANd just change those colors to whatever suites you

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    CapTy99.com Webmaster
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    Oct 2000
    thx scorch.

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