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Thread: Naming strategies.

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    Hi all:

    In flash we have to name all the layers, symbols etc..
    I was going over a old flash site I put together and was getting lost because I hadn't named symbols and layers "properly" or good enough for me to immediately recognize what was going on.

    are there any naming conventions that you guys adhere to?
    any tips you can offer, so I won't have these problems again.

    I know for actionscript I've read the format is "redBall" with the first letter lowercase and the second letter capped.

    is it best to name a graphic symbol - red ball graphic? a movie, red ball movie, etc...how do you guys do it?

    just curious,


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    I personally make any Movie Clip end in 'mc' and if I'm giving it an instance name I name it the exactly the same, I also usually have a couple of layers of comments to keep me right and I try to keep everthing lowercase but thats all personal and others will do it different

    Just get your own style and stick with it.

    See ya

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