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Thread: Still need help collecting data from input text boxes....

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    Hello fellow Flash Developers, this is a follow-up from a previous post I submitted.

    Ok just to remind u, I have created a flash web page with numerous input text boxes for users to enter their name, age, telephone number, etc.

    I have also assigned variable names to the input text boxes, eg. 'surname', 'forename', etc.

    I then created a submit button at the bottom of the page.

    How to I enable the button to collect all of the data from the input text boxes and then post the results to a text file or my e-mail account so that I can process the results?

    Do I need to use ColdFusion or can Flash handle this on its own?

    I received a reply from Jesse, which was very helpful but it used PHP which I am not familiar with. Any other ideas out there?

    Once again many thanks, u guys are my lifeline...

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    There a few ways, but if you need to avoid using
    asp, php, or someother cgi solution, you can post
    this info to a javascript function and then using mailto,
    send it along to yourself in email.

    For example, in the flash clip, if you had a button,
    you would be an action on it to send your from info
    the javascript function.

    values="val1=" + val1 + "&val2=" + val2

    Then in your javascript function:

    function sendmydata(values)
    location=mailto:me@mysite.com?subject=MyData", "", values;

    They syntax may not be absolutely correct here, but you
    get the idea. If you want a more indepth idea of how
    to use the mailto to send data, visit http://www.javascript.com,
    click on open js, and then do search on mailto. There
    is a open soure js file you can copy and use to email
    whatever data you need.
    If you dont email it, the only other solution you have
    is to post the data from your flash program to asp, php, jsp, etc.
    Hope this helps!

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    Cheers mate. I'll give that a try....

    Just wondering if anybody had any other ideas? Any ColdFusion developers out there? Could this work with ColdFusion?

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