I would be eternally grateful if someone even has a clue on this problem.

I have been working with the XML and Flash 5 Tutorial on Flashkit and have a Movie clip with a textbox that points to the XML document and a layer with actions (just stop) and a labels layer.

This MC works like a charm when I go to test the scene.

When I place this in my main MC, it stalls on the loading data section.

THe code is below:

urlXML = new XML();
urlXML.theMC = this;
urlXML.onLoad = convertXML;

content_feed_display = "Loading data...";

function convertXML() {
if(this.loaded) {
content_feed_display = "Data loaded.";
mainTag = new XML;
elementTag = new XML;
articleList = new Array;
elementList = new Array;

//first get a handle on the first actual element in the document.
//note we skip to the nextSibling element, since the first element
//is a document definition tag.
mainTag = this.firstChild.nextSibling;
//make sure we have the right parent tag. Do this by looking at the nodeName property
//for this object. This will correspond exactly to the <nodeName>, where nodeName is replaced
//with the name of your xml tag
if(mainTag.nodeName.toLowerCase() == "moreovernews") {
//if we have a match, we collect all of the articles beneath it as an array of xml objects
articleList = mainTag.childNodes;
//now we loop over all the articles and look for the tags we are looking for...
content_feed_display = "";
//initialize a couple of variables to hold xml data we want displayed
document_url = "";
headline_text = "";
if(articleList.nodeName.toLowerCase() == "article") {
//we get the child node array beneath the articles, aka the meat and potatoes we are after
elementList = articleList.childNodes;
//and loop through that looking for the data we need
for(j=0;j<=elementList.length;j++) {
elementTag = elementList[j];
elementType = elementTag.nodeName.toLowerCase();
if(elementType == "headline_text"){
headline_text = elementTag.firstChild.nodeValue;
} else {
if(elementType == "url"){
url = elementTag.firstChild.nodeValue;

content_feed_display += "<p><font size=\"+2\"><a href=\""+url+"\" target=\"_new\">"+ headline_text +"</a></font></p>";



Is there a way to get this to work? It is the answer to all my prayers! I know that it must be something in the way that the "this." part of the script.

Thank you in advance for your help.