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Thread: Fire?

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    I saw a flash movie that had fire in the background and it was animatied but it didnt look fake. How was that put into flash? Does anyone know how or where i can get a fire that is animaited?


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    Not sure how REAL the one you saw looked but a few months back i put a movie of some text with what i thought was a prety good fire effect. the only problem is that it's a bit slow cause i used .PNG files instead if you use jpegs and some simple masks it is easy. If you want check for my name JARLAXIL in the Movies section. It is a bit slow but if you look close the effect is very realistic i may update it with a new optimized version soon.

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    The best way is to do it by hand. Draw the upper flame, then they highlights. It's not really something that you can just "get." If you want tips on how to do it yourself, repost, otherwise, check the movie section. Peace,

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