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Thread: random loading text

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    I have a site where I'd like to display random lines from a text file. I know on how to load from a text file but not how to randomly select lines from that text file. Is any of this making sense? Please help me. =/

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    whe you load all your variables into an array u can use a randomize method...

    function randomizeArray(anArray){ 
    var returnArray = new Array(); 
    while (anArray.length > 0) { 
    // set a random index 
    var index = random(anArray.length); 
    // append the term corresponding with the index into the return array 
    // remove the term corresponding with the index from the passed array 
    anArray.splice(index, 1); 
    return returnArray; 
    then you can make you'r lines simply and random

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