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Thread: Variable order using Geturl

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    I am currently creating an application that uses a cgi driven database and the database needs to have the variable sent in a certain order.
    I have a input texy field and variables that need to get sent to this program. The program requires one of the variables to be read first

    ex: http:/www.....cgi-bin/program.cgi?firstvar=somethin&inputtextbox1=typein fo

    The problem i am having is Flash takes the input text box and inserts it as the first variable it reads...
    I am not sure how to go about fixing this...
    thanks for your time.


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    put the variables in a array and randomize them with this method:

    function randomizeArray(anArray){ 
    var returnArray = new Array(); 
    while (anArray.length > 0) { 
    // set a random index 
    var index = random(anArray.length); 
    // append the term corresponding with the index into the return array 
    // remove the term corresponding with the index from the passed array 
    anArray.splice(index, 1); 
    return returnArray; 

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    Hi hakboy,

    you cannot be sure that Flash 6 player or one of the alternate players that are developed by third parties put vars in the same order.
    Your options are - make up query string yourself
    url = "myserver.com/script.cgi?firstvar="+escape(firstvar)+"&second="+ escape(second)....
    or - fix your cgi script. If you ever want to POST variables, you can no longer control the order...
    This would mean to just parse all incoming data into a hash and retrieve them in the order you need them


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