Hi, i am wanting to make a game on Flash 4. So far i
am able to move the robot around the screen using
direcsionall buttons. What i would like to know is if
it is poosssible and how if the robot goes over
anouther robot and the person presses the space bar it
could load to anouther screen or take a life off the
other robot. Could you give me the coding please eg.
tell target and then what you write in detail please
as i am a new beginer , Thanks. Also if it is not to
much trouble i was woundering if you could tell me how
the computer could move around a robot and attack the
persons robot. If you cant help is it possible you
could direct me to someone who can, thanks everyone,

Bertie Stephens

PS. Could you e-mail me the information at bert180@yahoo.co.uk plaese , Thanks