hi all

I have a xml document:

<?xml version="1.0"><book><name>ofir</name></book>

and nothing more in it.
I load the document into flash, and I try to display the value of the "name" tag which is supposed to be:

myname = myxml.firstChild.firstChild.firstChild.nodeValue

and i get an empty value in my text field (deletes the previous value)

now, I was tol about the ignoreWhite issue, so I installed the lastest plugin .42 and wrote

myxml = new XML();
myxml.ignoreWhite = true;

but the "ignoreWhite" is still in black and not affecting anything.
when I look in the flash debugger, I see the xml document contents

what is the problem? why cant I see the content? is it a ignoreWhite issue and if it is, why is it still written in blue (meaning flash won't recognize it as a reserved word)?

thanks in advance