I'm not sure if this is the right forum or not since I didn't know if it fell under Flash 4 or 5 only, but here's my Q so bare with me:

I've been trying for the last day trying to figure out how to manipulate the tutorial in the games section where you can change the X and Y of the movie object, but no success. What I'm trying to do is have a movie of text sit in a field, and two arrow buttons next to it pointing up and down. If onMouseOver on the top button, the text goes down, if onMouseOver on the bottom, it goes up... I tried using TellTarget, but it doesn't seem to work... so I need to know how to tell a target to change the _y when the button is activated. I can't use the arrow-key tutorial because I have more than one text field...

Also, if I get this to work, how do I tell the scrolling to stop when it gets to a certain Y (when it reaches the end of the text in this example). Is it possible to tell the TellTarget to do a "previous frame" or "next frame" every half a second while the button is activated?

Thanks if anyone can help.