I mentioned in another thread that I wanted to extend the prototype for the XML class. As it turns out, what I wanted to do actually required extension of the XMLNode class prototype instead. Below I have the code for a new method that will recursively search an XMLNode tree (including children) and return an array of XMLNode objects that have a root object whose node name matches a string passed to the method. I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas/comments on this method or had ideas for how it might better fit a true XML DOM spec.

I figure that if it is written correctly, I could add it to a .as file for inclusion in projects where I need better XML support.... and with any luck (if I've written this right), I won't have to do much revision to code if MM decides that this sort of stuff should be included in Flash 6.

I'm anxious to hear comments -- Thanks!

function getElementListByName (str) {
//   STR is a string that is to be matched against element names within
//   the node (XMLNode) and its children (XMLNode).
//   an array of XMLNode objects where the node names match STR.
	var nodeArr = new Array();
	var searchNode;

	if ( !this.hasChildNodes() ) {
		// no children to search
		return nodeArr;

	// descend and search children
	searchNode = this.firstChild;
	while (searchNode != null) {
		if (searchNode.nodeType == 1 && searchNode.nodeName == str) {
			// match!
			nodeArr.push( searchNode );
		if (searchNode.nodeType == 1 && searchNode.hasChildNodes()) {
			// search through child nodes recursively
			nodeArr = nodeArr.concat( searchNode.getElementListByName(str) );
		// advance to next node
		searchNode = searchNode.nextSibling;

	// return the array to original call, or to the last recursive call
	return nodeArr;