I used to work in a pc about four years ago for about 5 years, one day I got this publishing job and started working on macs...I have ever since not looked back!!! I do have to say that most of the newest and innovative software seems to be developed for pc first, including many computers games. I imagine this is because Windoze support multithreadding, preemptive multitasking, multiple processors, and a host of features of a modern OS.

Let's not kid ourselves, Mac OSX is the first attempt to integrate all these exciting features in the mac platform. I currently own a DP 500 and can't wait till the bugs of OSX are somewhat ironed outso I can upgrade and realize my machines potential, maybe by the second OS update or so...

I am sure that from now on we will see a lot more developers making use of what OSX has to offer, take Maya for example.

But based on my personal experience I believe that Macintosh is a superior platform than PC for Graphic Artists! Who know where Apple would be if Steve Jobs hadn't f**ked so much.

That's it, I am happy that flashkit has added a mac forum! Thank you!


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