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Thread: Flashers In SYDNEY??

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    Hey calling any Flashers in Sydney

    Basically are there any flash animators, Flash Actionscript specialists who wanted to meet up start a sort of network in the area ,

    Swap Ideas ,techniques ETC ETC

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    2006: Thika, Kenya
    Mate, would love to, but between work, Uni, soccer, and some of my own stuff on the side, no time for the forseeable future...

    Them's the breaks!

    Good luck with it.


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    No worries mate

    take it easy
    this Flashkit Conference will be excellent ! see you there !

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    Just checked out your site
    its really nice

    take it easy

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    FK founder & general loiterer Flashkit's Avatar
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    Sydney Rocks! And start getting amped for the Sydney conference!!!

    How many other SYdney Flashers are kicking around?

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    i live in Sydney. if you get a chance take a look at this site i did, let me know if you think it's any good?


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    Hey Mark

    Pretty Amped about this Sydney Conference

    what month are you looking at?


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    Yeah another Sydney bod here, good idea, it's just a prob tryin to get everyone to do it. Iwork at St Leonards....where are you based??

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    Me three!

    I'm from Sydney...

    I would love to hook up with a few of you to just well.. basically learn some more flash... actionscripting especially!!

    Getting everyone together can be a prob... could have something like a LAN meet.. just instead of games... we can all Flash! ~thinks that came out wrong.... ~

    I live Stanmore way....

    But work in Crows Nest....

    ~does a lil happy dance~

    I cannnnnnnnnot wait for the conference...

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    Indeed I am from Sydney, albeit Western Sydney, but Sydney nonetheless.....

    Thats it! I'm over trying to look smart by using big words.
    I would love to get in contact with any and all flashers in Sydney....

    I have a site on its way, my first flash project.
    When it gets up, (very busy at the moment) I'll keep you all posted. But if you want just check atomitron.cjb.net
    And all you Sydney-ites please contact me soon

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    Originally posted by Flashkit
    Sydney Rocks! And start getting amped for the Sydney conference!!!

    How many other SYdney Flashers are kicking around?

    Me me from Sydknee. I've been flashing since 3.
    where's it going to be held?

    I'd be really interested in contacts in Sydney. I have just started up my own business. looking for contract work in Sydney CBD and northern suburbs.
    My first site thru my business (PHP/HTML/a bit of Flash) is about to go live. Just looking to get it hosted.

    I got a bit of a scare when you said James was going to be helping out. Though I'd been sleepingsurfing again. How'd they get my name...?



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    Well Im living up near Mona Vale
    ..I work in Redfern so I always out in the city or around Manly Neutral Bay.. Newtown (especially Bank Hotel)

    we all should meet up for a beer Maybe


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    I live and work in North Sydney, can't wait to catch up with all you locals at the conference!

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    Smile Another Sydenee boy

    I'm from Western Sydney, also. Love to meet some other Flashers. zerok273@hotmail.com
    Looking forward to the conference.
    [Edited by zerok on 05-03-2001 at 10:38 AM]

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    I'm from Sydney. Flashing for a year or so now. I'm going to the conference in Sydney.

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    are to party?

    I have an idea.... it is a small one... but an idea nonetheless... :P

    I am having a housewarming party soon... and we are trying to make it a reasonably big thing... despite the size of the house... so if you are interested in meeting some fellow flashers.... and some net geeks (most people coming will be computer nutters) let me know... email me and I can give you address details and all... if you want to come...

    it is on the long weekend in June. The saturday night... we are possibly going to have a BBQ to start with.... and then just use the night as an excuse to get totally blotto...

    email me at tiana@moody-*****.com if you are interested in coming along!

    I live in the Newtown/Stanmore area and am really close to transport.... so keep it in mind... :P


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    Hey TianaKaeSha
    Thats a cool idea

    [Edited by exile on 05-07-2001 at 09:36 PM]

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