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Thread: scoller w/ text file (easy update)

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    hello, i'm looking for tuts/help on making a scrollbar that scrolls a text file that will need to be updated daily. isn't it possible to have your scrollbar scroll a mc containing a text file? then i can just update the text file rather than the whole schmere. is this making sense?

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    Yes, that makes sense.
    You can scroll an empty MC.
    Place your text file in another swf that is loaded into the empty MC.
    Then you can just update the text file and it will replace in your main movie. As far as the scrollbar itself, I'm trying to learn myself. There are some really good tutorials on FK.
    Good luck.

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    Hey man, there are some GREAT tutorials all over the net [and i would imagine on this very site] for flash scrolling menus that scroll an embedded .txt file. This way, all you have to do is update the .txt file rather than update the .fla every day! Just search around for it and I'm sure you will find a good tut. Good luck,


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